Snow hits hard!

So here we are, sunny and 70°, starting some of the spring cleaning (around the gardens) and then 8 to 10 inches of snow in a few hours (power goes out in the valley). Next morning - beautiful sunrise (still no power). 

We had to dig the Volvo out from the side of the driveway. Janet had travelled from Blacksburg to Pembroke at the beginning of the storm only to be blocked at the bridge crossing the New River. She and a new friend did a u-turn and went around a harrowing drive through Eggleston to SR 100 and back through Pearisburg to be caught just before our road by traffic stalled out there. She then made it back to the inn, only to slide off our driveway into the grass.

Earlier in the storm, Jimm intended on getting us dinner, only to pull the Jetta back into the parking area and - you guessed it - started to slide down the hill. So he got that car stuck too.

Morning brought sunshine and beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains and the New River Valley. We were able to get the Volvo back on our driveway and around to the top of the hill where a neighbor had plowed the night before. Same neighbor came and plowed out the drive and helped pull the Jetta back to safety. (Thanks Bill).

Day was beautiful - yet no power until almost 4:00 PM. Sun was out, stars are out now. Life is grand. 2013

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