Summer Activities on the New River

It seems as if this was the weekend for the REAL New River sports to begin. While there have been many a kayak or raft seen from the Inn at Riverbend before this weekend, many guests hit the river on kayaks this weekend. We couldn’t blame them for wanting to enjoy the beautiful weather and the river. Janet and I enjoyed it in a slightly different manner as we road our bikes from Goldbond, VA to Glen Alton, VA. We didn’t realize that the Glen Alton Days were in progress. One of the many problems with living in an area where there are just too many activities happening on any one weekend. Later in the day, we took the dogs down for a walk in Whitt Riverbend Park and ran into our friends from the New River Outdoor Company who were picking up a group that just completed a canoe trip. Check out the many river activities that they have to offer or others from Tangent Outfitters or New Rivers Edge! 2011

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